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Scammers Pose As Gas Company Reps And Demand Immediate Payment

March 18, 2014

National Fuel Gas officials are warning their customers of callers who claim to be utility company representatives, threatening service shutoff, and demanding immediate payment.

The company advises you not respond to such a call, and to contact the utility immediately to verify the status of your account.

National Fuel also says its representatives who visit a customer’s home are required to carry proper identification, and you should ask to see it.

The scammers demand payment by prepaid debit card.  They may also claim your gas meter is not working properly, and you must pay immediately to have it repaired or replaced, or have your service shut off.  National Fuel says the repair or replacement of a meter is the responsibility of the utility company.

Utility officials also warn against opening e-mails which appear to be overdue notices from your company.  These can be produced by a scammer or hacker, and should be avoided.

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