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PennDOT: Avoid Buying Secondhand Child Seats And Bicycle Or Motorcycle Helmets

July 11, 2014

PennDOT officials are urging yards sales buffs and the rest of us to not buy secondhand child car seats, bicycle helmets or motorcycle helmets.

Regarding car seats, experts say there is no way to confirm the history of the items.  They may have been recalled, involved in a crash, passed an expiration date or have structural issues like stress cracks or broken rivets.

Helmets also have expiration dates, and they are built to sustain the force of one crash.  They may also have been dropped or otherwise damaged and still show no outward signs of defects.

Speaking of yard sales, PennDOT also reminds shoppers and motorists alike to be mindful of the presence of sales, especially where there are a number of people involved, such as in a neighborhood or community-wide yard sale.  There may be vehicles entering or leaving a roadway or shoppers attempting to cross.

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