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Oil City School Employees Argue Against Plan To Contract Out For Cafeteria And Custodial Services

April 15, 2014

About forty unionized school employees showed up at a meeting of the Oil City Area School Board on Monday to speak out against a plan to contract an outside firm to provide cafeteria and custodial services to the school district.

Arguments against the proposal ranged from the loss of local jobs to a perceived lack of quality and service which might evolve to concerns about security in the local schools.

In addition to the debate begun by current cafeteria and custodial workers, a petition reportedly containing more than 400 names of Oil City High School students was presented to the school board by a student identifying himself as a 9th-grader at the high school.

Cafeteria and custodial services are currently provided by members of the Service Employees International Union.

Ironically, on the same night on which the Oil City School Board meeting was highlighted by the outsourcing debate, the Franklin Area School Board voted to change their cafeteria services to a new firm, ending a 14-year agreement with the same company Oil City is looking to hire.

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