Oil City Man Sentenced For Endangering Child And Showing Pornography To A Minor

April 10, 2014

An Oil City man has been sentenced to nine months to two years in jail for two incidents that involved minors – one in which he was accused of allowing a two year-old child to wander alone through a Franklin neighborhood, and another in which he was accused of showing pornography to a minor at a residence in Oil City.

26 year-old Shawn McDonald will be given credit for about six months of jail time already served.

McDonald was first charged last May when he lived in Franklin after a two year-old toddler was found alone in the city’s 11th Street playground.  Investigators say McDonald, who had been left to care for the child, was discovered asleep at his residence up the street.

Then in October, McDonald was hit with other charges after a Head Start worker who visited a home in Oil City reported seeing McDonald hand another child a laptop computer on which were displayed pornographic pictures.

McDonald pleaded guilty in October to a charge of endangering the welfare of a child, and in March to charges of distributing sexual material to a child and the corruption of a minor.

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