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National Work Zone Awareness Week Observed

April 17, 2013

This week (April 15-19) has been designated as “National Work Zone Awareness Week.”

Here in Pennsylvania, safety officials and PennDOT administrators are stressing the importance of safety at highway work zones.  According to PennDOT data, there were more than 1,600 crashes in Pennsylvania work zones in 2012.  Twenty-one people died in those crashes, and three were highway workers.

Drivers are reminded to pay close attention to flag people and work zone signage.  You should slow down, maintain a safe distance around other vehicles, turn on your headlights where active work zones are posted, and utilize your four-way flashers when you are driving slowly or are stopped.

Under Pennsylvania law, motorists caught driving eleven or more miles per hour above the posted speed limit in active work zones, or who are involved in a crash in an active work zone and are convicted of driving at an unsafe speed, automatically lose their licenses for 15 days.  The law also doubles the fines for certain traffic violations, such as speeding and driving under the influence, if they occur in an active work zone.  Driving without headlights in an active work zone can result in a 25-dollar fine if a motorist is stopped and cited for another violation.

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