Local Officials To Meet Labor Department Reps On Audit Of Regional Workforce Center

August 13, 2013

Local officials were to meet Tuesday with representatives of the state Department of Labor and Industry following the release of a state audit which found that the Regional Center for Workforce Excellence has engaged in wasteful spending practices.

Among other things, the audit found that the amount of money spent through the Northwest Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board for job training declined by sixty-four percent over four years, while money was spent for hotels, parties and vehicles.  The audit also found a lack of transparency in the reporting of expenditures, inaccurate accounting procedures, and inadequate “internal controls.”

The results of a federal audit are still pending.

The Northwest Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board is made up of one official from each of six counties.  Most are county commissioners.  The Regional Workforce Center functions on behalf of the board.  Tuesday’s meeting was set up to discuss the results of the state audit, and to chart corrective measures.

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