Lawmakers Eye More Small Games Of Chance Revisions

February 8, 2013

A Crawford County lawmaker’s bill to make more revisions to Pennsylvania’s “Small Games of Chance” law has passed a state House committee.

State Representative Michele Brooks says last year’s overhaul of the law resulted in some unintended consequences, and her measure is intended to remedy the situation.

Brooks says her bill would create two types of “small games” licenses so groups with fewer than $40,000 in proceeds would be exempt from the new reporting requirements, background checks and banking rules.  The measure passed committee by a 21-4 vote, and has been sent to the full House floor.

Last year’s law increased prize limits to allow license holders to generate more money for their organizations while keeping a cut for their own operating expenses.  It also included the stricter accountability standards.  The Corbett administration has already announced that the deadline for the first annual reports required by the 2012 revisions has been extended until next February.

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