Lawmakers Aim To Abolish Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

April 15, 2013

A number of state lawmakers are planning a news conference to announce they will be introducing legislation in Harrisburg to abolish the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

Representative Donna Oberlander, from Clarion County, says the measure would cede all the responsibilities and maintenance of the Turnpike to PennDOT.

Oberlander’s office said Monday that the announcement will be made from the second floor balcony of the state Capitol Rotunda outside Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley’s office on Wednesday morning (April 17) at 10:00 AM.

The move comes about one month after eight people, including a former state Senator and a former Turnpike Commission CEO were charged in connection with allegations of bribes involving political contributions.  State Attorney General Kathleen Kane said vendors seeking contracts for Turnpike projects were told that their chances of winning bids were directly linked to campaign contributions, and that Turnpike Commission officials were instructed to ensure that bids went to the “right” firms.

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