Jury Commissioner Bill Sent To Governor Corbett

April 25, 2013

Both houses of the Pennsylvania legislature this week have passed a bill that would once again allow counties to abolish the posts of jury commissioners.

The state Senate passed the measure on Monday, and the bill was sent to Governor Tom Corbett after Wednesday’s 156-39 vote in the state House.

A 2011 law to the same end which resulted in 42 counties voting to get rid of the posts was struck down by the state Supreme Court which ruled that the law violated a requirement of the state Constitution that legislative bills be confined to a single subject.  A Commonwealth Court judge ruled recently that jury commissioner positions would not appear on the upcoming May 21 primary election ballots due to time constraints and the costs involved in changing ballots and reprogramming voting machines.

A Corbett administration official says the Governor is expected to sign the new bill.

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