Hearing Held On Proposal To Merge State Game And Fish-and-Boat Commissions

June 5, 2014

There are people, including some state lawmakers, who think the Pennsylvania Game Commission should be merged with the state’s Fish & Boat Commission.

A state House committee heard testimony on the issue on Wednesday.

At an informational meeting held by the House Game and Fisheries Committee, the topic was House Resolution 129, which directed the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to examine the feasibility, impacts and potential savings of merging two different aspects of the outdoors.

State Representative Robert Godshall told the committee a system with separate agencies does not make sense, but the committee’s Minority Chairman, Gary Haluska, said a combined agency would put too much burden on the commissions’ field officers.

Radio PA News reports that Pennsylvania is the only state in the nation still operating with two separate outdoors agencies.

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