Fish And Boat Commission To Leave Trout Hatcheries Open

March 28, 2013

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has decided not to close two of its fifteen trout hatcheries.

The agency had estimated that the closings of hatcheries in Centre and Potter Counties would have saved about $2-million a year.  The facilities produce about 750,000 fish each year.

Some analysts are saying that one way to replace the revenue that could have been saved is to raise the costs of fishing licenses, a move that has not been made since 2005.  Increased boat registration fees, and a crackdown on the collections of gas taxes paid by boaters may be other options.

Nearly 853,000 fishing licenses were sold in Pennsylvania last year. a nearly six percent increase from 2011.  But, the all-time high for the number of angling licenses sold in the Commonwealth was 1.16 million, set back in 1990.

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