Crawford County To Continue Jury Commissioner Posts

September 6, 2013

Bucking a trend followed by many counties in Pennsylvania, including Venango and Clarion Counties, the Crawford County commissioners Thursday decided to continue the positions of county jury commissioners for now, and the posts will be placed on the general election ballots in Crawford County in November.

The commissioners had decided last December to abolish the posts, but the issue arose once again after the state Supreme Court ruled that legislation allowing counties to make that decision was unconstitutional.  State lawmakers then quickly passed a measure correcting the problems in the language of the first bill.  Since then, many counties, including Venango and Clarion, have again abolished their jury commissioner positions.

Since many of the changes occurred following the May primary elections, state courts have ruled that county political parties may nominate their candidates for the November 5 ballots.

Meanwhile, legal challenges to the newest law are still pending.

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