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Conneaut Lake Park Trustees Ordered To Deliver Financial Records To A.G.’s Office

November 19, 2013

A Crawford County judge Tuesday ordered the trustees of Conneaut Lake Park to deliver copies of all of the park’s financial records, including insurance information, to a state Deputy Attorney General.

The court order was handed down following a petition by the Attorney General’s office that the trustees be removed, and amid investigations into whether board members should be held accountable for the losses accrued through fires which have destroyed the park’s historic Dreamland Ballroom and the Docksider/Beach Club.

The trustees are accused of neglecting their fiduciary duties, turning away business opportunities that could have benefitted the park, and failing to insure the properties that were destroyed.

One stumbling block toward proceeding with improvements to the park has been said to be the lack of information regarding exactly who serves on the trustees board.  A list of members presented Tuesday included the names of one trustee who has died, two others who no longer live in the area and two who have voluntarily resigned from the board.

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