Conneaut Lake Park Mishaps Investigated; State Official Says Safety Not Threatened

October 30, 2013

Even as state inspectors investigate a pair of incidents involving a vintage Conneaut Lake Park roller coaster, some state lawmakers say that perceptions of problems with Pennsylvania’s amusement parks normally stem from record-keeping, not with matters of safety.

As a matter of fact, state Representative John Maher, from Allegheny County, who is the chairman of the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, claimed to Radio PA News that record-keeping needs work, but public safety has not been threatened.

Maher’s committee revealed they will overhaul their database on ride safety following a hearing prompted by the discovery by a Pittsburgh news outlet that records were missing, and their subsequent report that raised concerns about amusement ride inspections in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture is investigating a report that two women were injured on the Blue Streak roller coaster at Conneaut Lake Park on Saturday night.  One of the women was reportedly taken to an Erie hospital for treatment of a broken nose and a fractured jaw.  The other woman was reported to have been treated in Meadville.

The incident followed by exactly one week an incident in which the same 75 year-old ride attraction was disabled for nearly five hours with 20 people on board.  The stranded park-goers were rescued without injuries, some from a height of nearly fifty feet.

Park officials said the ride was inspected and repaired between the two incidents.

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