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Mayor hails Meriam Ibrahim as "world freedom fighter" during Philadelphia stopover; cheering supporters greet family in N.H. [...]
For most people, it’s a little early to be fussing over Christmas trees, unless you’re competing for the right to supply the tree that will grace the Blue Room of the White House [...]
A look at the remarkable creations of the Academy Award-winning artist from such films as "The Godfather" series, "The Exorcist," "Amadeus" and "Altered States" [...]
Family says even though 24-year-old tested negative for Ebola, they couldn't get him out of the country for treatment [...]
Scrambling to wrap up work before a 5-week summer recess, lawmakers finished the bill to reform the embattled Veterans Affairs health care system [...]
They say all parties have agreed to unconditional cease-fire, during which talks on broader truce will be held [...]
There was a lot of buzz leading up to it, but did it live up to the hype? [...]
The day before the 9/11 attacks, the former president said he could have taken out the man behind them [...]
With the median debit-card purchase at $24, a typical $34 bank fee can equate to an annual loan rate of 17,000 percent [...]
Attorney General Eric Holder calls on law enforcement personnel to carry the antidote drug that reverses heroin overdose [...]
Leader of team probing crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 say personal belongings were also retrieved from a mortuary [...]
Observation came day after independent review found that the website has cost $840 million to build and fix [...]
A University of California professor develops software that can adjust images on computer screens for users with vision problems [...]
After months of calm, volatility is back with a vengeance, and a growing list of concerns suggests more downside to come [...]
Translucent lab animals could be used for biological and medical research [...]
Republicans, eager to show they tried to deal with the border crisis before their summer break, are scrambling after scrapping a vote in the 11th hour [...]
Authorities plan to evacuate 2 Americans battling deadly virus in Liberia; aid worker given sole dose of experimental serum at stricken colleague's request [...]
Residents have long complained about a man digging big holes on city parkland [...]
Business leaders hope to license the costumed characters who pose for photos in New York's Times Square and demand tips [...]
A public interest group slams chain's calorie-laden food, but customers aren't deterred [...]

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