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Singer doesn't actually acknowledge he posted the now-deleted comments, which came after he pleaded no contest to slipping drug in woman's drink [...]
16-year-old says he was "humiliated" when officials made him remove his makeup for license photo [...]
In western Pennsylvania, a young black bear wandered for weeks with a bucket stuck on its head before some brave folks decided to help [...]
In bid to address growing threat from ISIS, president is ordering additional troops to Baghdad to protect U.S. facilities and personnel [...]
Fatal accident turned summer vacation into "a life-changing tragedy," family says in statement asking for prayers [...]
Prosecutors say Samuel Little, found guilty of strangling three women in the 1980s, probably killed more than 40 people [...]
The scary-looking insects are increasingly common in the areas of yards closest to people's homes [...]
New DNA evidence surfaced in the case of Henry McCollum and Leon Brown, who were imprisoned for the 1983 slaying of an 11-year-old in North Carolina [...]
While the U.S. says Russia has made an "illegal incursion" on Ukrainian territory, Kiev says there are now thousands of troops at the rebels' side [...]
Pentagon spokesman says Ahmed Abdi Godane, who leads the extremist al-Shabaab group, was the focus of the attack but it's unclear whether he was killed [...]
32 teens broke out of detention center late night; local police say they weren't alerted for over an hour; several remain at large [...]
Dramatic footage shows the second Holuhraun lava eruption, which has produced lava streams several miles long and fissures up to 100 meters high [...]
Militias battle ISIS in Iraqi Kurdistan [...]
Ricky Gervais, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick and more tweet about the nude photos leak [...]
Apparent execution by ISIS comes after Steven Sotloff's mother issued a direct plea to the extremist group's leader to spare her son's life [...]
Doctor was working with same group as another American aid worker who recovered from Ebola last month [...]
Pop star's latest misadventure: Authorities say collision between a minivan and ATV led to a physical altercation [...]
Can you get out in time? Team-based role-playing game brings video game scenario to life [...]
Unmanned U.S. Air Force space plane has been circling the Earth on a classified mission since December 2012, with no end in sight [...]
The first images of the Hollywood couple's French ceremony have arrived, and they show Jolie's unique twist on a wedding dress [...]

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