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After meeting with Central American presidents, Obama says, "We need action and less talk" from Congress [...]
Two F16 fighter jets escort Sunwing Airlines flight back to Toronto after passenger threatened to "blow up Canada" [...]
DA says if suburban Philadelphia psychiatrist didn't have a gun -- in violation of hospital policy -- he and others would have been killed, as was one caseworker [...]
On a broad bipartisan vote, House lawmakers vote to bar the president from sending combat troops to Iraq to fight insurgents without congressional approval [...]
Wearable tech that keeps tabs on your shuteye may be a good start in your quest for a better night's rest [...]
Top U.S. diplomat says "terminology" on truce framework needs work; Israel says it might broaden Gaza operation [...]
A Florida girl's science fair project was hailed as a "breakthrough," but another researcher's claims may put an end to that [...]
Two men allegedly carjacked a woman at gunpoint and drove her car into a group of people on a Philadelphia street corner; suspects being sought [...]
Russian officials say some of the fast-food chain's products are not up to Moscow's official food standards [...]
French Puppeteers Royal de Luxe parade the Little Giant Girl and her dog through the streets of Liverpool, England [...]
JP Aerospace specializes in launching everyday items into space without using a rocket. Its most recent project features Japanese plant art suspended above Earth. KOVR-TV's Anjali Hemphill reports. [...]
Democrats have mostly greeted the impeachment talk with a "bring it on" attitude, but a top White House aide says the threat is very real [...]
Reports of sexual harassment and intimidation from ex-band members have brought the famed marching band under fire [...]
The video shows Queen Elizabeth playing as a child. Also, she photobombed members of the Australian womens hockey team. Mo Rocca reports. [...]
NASA determined that the 2012 solar storm was at least twice as powerful as any yet recorded, but this time we got lucky [...]
Celebrities converge in San Diego for the annual convention celebrating all things TV, movies, comics and video games [...]
Orange County police initially weren't sure if 10 porcelain dolls placed on families' porches was a prank or something more sinister [...]
NASA satellite data suggests the effects of the drought in the Southwest are even worse than scientists thought [...]
10 survivors of deadly crash include woman who escaped through hole in the fuselage and sought help at nearby home [...]
Dakota Johnson, who plays Anastasia Steele, says shooting those steamy encounters with co-star Jamie Dornan was "more of a task" [...]

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