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Scores, mostly teens, hospitalized in Colombia; all got anti-cervical cancer vaccine recently but Gardasil's maker insists all batches meet safety standards [...]
Ex-CEO buying, returning to New England supermarket chain; long-running family feud had prompted customer boycott and worker rallies supporting him [...]
The reports say JPMorgan Chase and at least 4 other institutions were hit by coordinated attacks that siphoned off huge amounts of data [...]
Family and friends confirm a second man from Minneapolis area has died in fighting after joining extremists [...]
Video of Charles Vacca showing 9-year-old girl how to fire automatic weapon shows what seemed like routine lesson until everything went wrong [...]
Slain ISIS fighter Douglas McCain was one of many who have joined Islamic fighters, and now militants are trying to lure young women [...]
Ailiana Tsarnaeva allegedly told victim, "I know people who can put a bomb on you" [...]
National food and drink website ranks the top 101; is your local pizzeria on the list? [...]
Cornerback had said he injured his ankles when jumping from a second-story balcony to save his 7-year-old nephew from drowning; now admits it was a fabrication [...]
Some Chrysler owners say their car has a mind of its own; Center for Auto Safety wants National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to investigate [...]
Agency will build huge new heavy-lift Space Launch System rocket to propel astronauts on flights to nearby asteroids and, eventually, Mars [...]
At just 15, she's the youngest winner of a match at the tournament in 18 years, and she's just as surprised as anyone [...]
Lifeguards warn dangerous currents could be too much for even strong swimmers; at least 1 person killed, nearly 200 people had to be rescued [...]
In new memoir, New York Democrat recalls sexist, insulting encounters with several unnamed congressmen [...]
Bold move could represent attempt to create land link between Russia and Crimea [...]
Interview with series creator David Chase may shed some light on ending of "The Sopranos" [...]
Just in time for the long holiday weekend, Austin Beerworks has unveiled a monster-sized case of beer [...]
David Barajas cried in court after jury's verdict was read; driver caused accident that killed Barajas' two young sons [...]
Dozens of jars still contain possible traces of red and white wine with herbs and other flavorings mixed in [...]
Hurricane Marie brings big surf to Southern California [...]

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