Allegheny, Clarion River Flood Warnings Lifted; Oil Creek Ice Levels Shrink

March 13, 2014

As we rebounded from Thursday morning’s single-digit temperatures and near 20-below wind chill factor readings, the National Weather Service was lifting the Flood Warnings they had posted late Wednesday for the Allegheny River near Parker and the Clarion River near Cooksburg.

Among other potential problems being monitored Wednesday was the break-up of a month-long ice jam at Parker.  With that ice now moving freely, and with the end of the early-week thaw, officials declared the situation to be less threatening.

Meanwhile, officials watching Oil Creek in Oil City say ice on the creek has shrunk to such levels that the threat of flooding during the next thaw is now considerably lower.  Water is flowing freely as the creek winds toward its confluence with the Allegheny River.

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